Welcome to CKSIPSH

Dr. Geetanjali Tomar

Treasurer's Message

It is an incredible joy to connect with you all joining our college Ch. Kehar Singh Institute of Paramedical Sciences and Hospital.

We have given best in educational environment at the campus since our foundation. We target giving best quality training to our students. I am certain you will value our lavish green grounds and framework.

We have very much qualified and devoted staff individuals who take care of all round improvement of every single under study. We additionally plan to create innovative abilities in under studies with the goal that they would drive the development of their intellectual capacity in health sector.

We have done our absolute best to make sure that under studies don’t take a gander at the our course as a weight.

As Dr. Abdul Kalam said learning gives creativity. Creativity leads to thinking. Thinking provides knowlede and knowledge makes you great.

Dr. Geetanjali Tomar
Treasurer, Ch. Kehar Singh Institute of Paramedical Sciences and Hospital, Baraut